Masonry Warranty

Masonry Five Year Warranty

With respect to masonry services performed by Mazelis Landscape, Mazelis Landscape guarantees the workmanship of such services for five-years after the date they are substantially completed. All materials used by Mazelis Landscape in connection with such masonry services are subject to the applicable manufacturer’s warranty. If any manufacturer provides to Owner / Agent any substitute or replacement masonry materials pursuant to such manufacturer’s warranty on such masonry materials, Mazelis Landscape shall not be responsible for installing such substitute or replacement materials nor for extracting any of the original masonry materials that Mazelis Landscape installed previously. Mazelis Landscape disclaims any liability in connection with or arising from any other person’s implementation, installation, and/or modification of any materials delivered to Owner / Agent and/or the results of the services that were provided by Mazelis Landscape.

With respect to poured concrete performed by Mazelis Landscape,cracks or other blemishes in poured concrete are inevitable and regardless of the quality of the workmanship Mazelis Landscape does not and cannot in any way promise or guarantee anything to the contrary.